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Solomon Radasky


Jewish Police
Warsaw Uprising

How did I survive? When a person is in trouble he wants to live. He fights for his life...Some people say, "Eh -- What will be, will be." No! You have to fight for yourself day by day. Some people did not care. They said, "I do not want to live. What is the difference? I don't give a damn." I was thinking day by day. I want to live. A person has to hold on to his own will, hold on to that to the last minute.

What does this mean to you? Does it mean much? Or nothing at all? Well guess what if this doesnt seem like anything to you then you would not want to meet me or at least talk to me about it cause Id have a few choice words for you. This quote was from none other than Solomon Radasky. A man who lost a lot his whole family 78 people in his family all killed by Germans. His parents brothers and sisters. He was the only one to survive.He had five siblings two brothers and three sisters.

In January 1941 he was captured by the jewish police to go clear snow off the railroad tracks he and others had to keep the trains running. Returning he found out that his mother and older sister had been killed because the Judenrat wanted to collect gold and furs from everyone in the ghetto his family had none so they were both shot.His father was killed in April 1942 buying bread from children who snuck it into the ghetto.Finally there were deportations 2 others sisters and two brothers were taken and never seen again.Solomon was a furrier and made jackets for the German army. They were given very little food and were not able to go outside at night and sometimes not even during the day.

April 19, 1943,the Warshaw ghetto uprising began and he was shot in the ankle. While he was laying in his new home in a death camp an older man who used to be a doctor operated on his leg. Solomon was very scared because he had to walk 3 kilometers to work and soldiers would watch them if anything was wrong theyd take them out of the line. So he had to stand tall and walk straight without limping. god must have helped me for I do not know how I got through that. When he worked he had to work on the railroads they had to work barefooted, if the work was to much for a worker and they fell and couldnt get back up they were shot where they lay. Then other workers had to carry them back because the number of people who went to work had to come back dead or alive..

One tragedy after another happened for him, He went from one camp to another a hospital to a job almost all equally horrible. One he had to spread ashes over men women and childrens ashes. Also watching people of all ages get hung beaten tortured shot and anything else. There were many ways that they were tortured.